Know a little more about our history

Slabs House, a vanguard for a new generation of natural stone colors, granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, etc. The most innovative distributors of natural stone. Gorgeous and unique from around the world, but mainly from Brazil; where we produce a great portion of the best colors in natural stone.

Our goal is to offer a unique opportunity to the US market to benefit from our knowledge of the Brazilian industry, where we can offer multiple varieties of natural stone.

Our representatives have committed with hard work for decades to develop diversity of different regions with incredible geological enrichments to create the finest collection of natural stone.

Our experienced specialists work with great determinations to select the best blocks and to cut them using the best technologies around the world. They oversee the entire process to make certain the best possible patters are chosen as well as the highest quality to bring to our customers.

We offer exquisite natural stone slabs around the world. Whatever your imaginations desires, we will work to deliver you an extraordinary Slabs.

At Slabs House it is our passion to offer you all the possibilities the world of natural stone has to offer. You can explore a world of magical colors from the Earth. We strive to innovate and offer the best quality.